segunda-feira, junho 11, 2007

Mais exames? A experiência de quem já lá anda.

Call to ban all school exams for under-16s

· Damning verdict on culture of testing
· Stressed pupils 'in state of panic'

Anushka Asthana, education correspondent
Sunday June 10, 2007
The Observer

All national exams should be abolished for children under 16 because the stress caused by over-testing is poisoning attitudes towards education, according to an influential teaching body.

In a remarkable attack on the government's policy of rolling national testing of children from the age of seven, the General Teaching Council is calling for a 'fundamental and urgent review of the testing regime'. In a report it says exams are failing to improve standards, leaving pupils demotivated and stressed and encouraging bored teenagers to drop out of school.


'The range of knowledge and skills that tests assess is very narrow and to prepare young people for the world they need a set of skills that are far broader.' Exams as they stood, he said, were 'missing the point'.

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